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Milsimple is ment to be a blog for the those that are interested in Airsoft and more precise the Milsim part of it.

Gear to go with the game is also an important factor, looking the part. Most of the guys in my team are into impressions. An impression is to get a kind of ‘role model’ and get the exact gear that he/she uses in the picture. That also means – No copies – just real steel equipment like Crye Precision, London Bridge Trading, Eagle Industries etc. One big advantage with proper equipment it that it’ll basically last forever and hold its value over time if you’re going to sell it.

For those of you that are not accustomed with Milsim this is supposed to be an easy, simple, way to get a glimpse of what it is and what we do – Milsim made Simple – Milsimple.

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