Future airsoft matches in Wisconsin?!

Future airsoft matches i...

Hey there all, hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season safely and peacefully. Sometime in the near future GBK's is hoping to engage in some skirmishes in the close fascinity of Wisconsin. If anyone nearby to the area should find themselves with an open schedule come this summer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Photo problem fixed

Photo problem fixed

Hey there everyone, thank you for your help and advice, including not only other members but the Airsoft Squared help staff as well. Problem solved, turns out internet explorer just wasnt' cutting it, so ended up using Mozilla instead. Thanks again. More photos to add to Green Bay Knights soon! Hoo-rah

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Green Bay Knights is a moderate to veteran airsoft group formed in 2004 amongst friends. In the last eight years the Green Bay Knights have diversified their combat training backgrounds, spanning from single person defense tactics, police academy training, and military ground combat training. Currently with members of the team seperated by jobs, families, and other obligations, the GBK's now are only able to accept skirmish challenges and well planned out events.

The Principles We Play By:
-WE are focused on creating a strong, efficient, and devastating airsoft strike team.
-WE operate and function with emphasis in team work, leadership, good conduct, and sportsmanship.
-WE perform always at our best and willingly acknowledge our failures with humility.
-WE welcome all to participate, and are patient to teach others our t ... Read more

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