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Game Modes & Additional rules

Game Modes & Additio...

Game Modes

• Everyone against everyone

The players play individually, the goal is to have fun. target number smaller, warm-up may be good.
• Team fight
Traditionally, two teams fight against each other, destroying the other team's goal. Be a good warm up,
but all-day game will be boring. Often called the Tanglin-Tingli well.
• Flag gain – reach the flag
Is worth two teams play, but mo...

The BB

The BB

Many people do not know how much depends on the games used in BB-ken. We want this kind of writing information to clarify the basics. Airasoft used the BB projectile is called, the ball bearing is named after the English name – like a sphere, but the metal is. 5.94-5.96 mm in size and resolution depending on the size deviation is. The most important properties of the BB's weight, size variation, h...

Impacts of Upgrades on AEG

Impacts of Upgrades on A...

Described below are primarily related to the Chinese replicas, but we should bear in mind that AEG is a complex system and that changes in one part of the circuit has an impact on everyone else, so that usually is not enough to change just for example. spring to get a stable and accurate with a larger range coup … This text is set therefore to try to protect ourselves from unnecessary expenses and...

What is Airsoft ?

What is Airsoft ?

Airsoft has its roots in Japan where it has developed as a fun team game. His bloom has experienced in U.S. where, with the paintball has become a very popular team game for its realism, security and accessibility.

Airsoft “weapons” are faithful replicas of real weapons,they are equal in dimensions, details and almost the same weight. The essence of the mechanism of airsoft equipment is to th...

Our team is situated in Krusevac, country of Serbia ,in the central part of Europe. Team was foundated in March 2011- th year. We are coping Delta Force tactics and ranks. We like big milsim games.
Our division is: "Out team is always ready for an action,there is a plan A,until plan B doesn't exist".
You can contact us and like us on facebook: Also you are able to mail us:
Looking forward to see you soon !

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