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Mission statement:

WELCOME to Black Tip Recon!! We are a group of airsofters that strives toward being the best, having fun and building a community of amazing people. Our mission is to build around 3 simple philosophies: honesty, integrity and ability.

Honesty: For this we ask you to not only be honest in the game (call your hits) but also with yourself, your team mates and other players. We pride ourselves on making the best out of the game and its players and for that, being honest and true is the best way to succeed.

Integrity: This goes hand in hand with honesty. When setting up this group, the main objective that we agreed on was building a team revolved around being open, honest, friendly, and most importantly, mature. We want every player to be nothing but mature both on and off the field, treat everyone and everythin ... Read more

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