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"Task Force 141" is an airsoft team which was established in Ankara, Turkey in 2010. The team was established by being inspired from series of "Call of Duty". At the beginning, the organizations couldn't be held because of the little number of players. However, there are 8 present members in the team of "Task Force 141". Everybody in the team is a fan of "CoD". The members represent the characters of the "Modern Warfare". "Task Force 141", which has a large inventory, attends to every organization fully in 2012.

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Creation date February 10, 2012
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Language English
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Category Teams
Subcategory Team
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Country Turkey
Region Ankara
Location Ankara

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Task Force 141

7 years ago by SgtGrinch    Comments: 1    Views: 925

Hello mates! I have a small 141 group here in the states and i was wondering you you guys would like some sort of allience. Become some sort of global force in some sense. I have about 250 141 operatives in my region and was wanting to expand. If your interested email me or post on my wall. Happy hunting!

Captain Archer
Task Force 141
National Commander


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