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Lahinguhundid (Battlewolves) is an Estonian tactical airsoft team. Tactical aspect means, that we prefer to use combat proven tactics and teamwork in order to achieve our goals. Thus our motto: Amat Victoria Curam - Victory Favors the Prepared.

The core of the team is 7 active members. Team leader is active duty Estonian Defence Forces NCO, who puts great effort into tactical development of the team and it's members. Despite that, we are not a hardcore team that only lives on the field - we realize that every member has his or her own life to live and thus if a member skips an exercise or two, it's not going to be a problem.

Rank system: inner team hierarchy is set with a rank system. Rank insignia is attached to the frontal center part of a helmet or boonie. Insignia itself is battle scars, fit for a wolf pack. 4 scars-team/squ ... Read more

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