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Custom Kydex BFG/VTG Holster

Custom Kydex BFG/VTG Hol...

H W Holsters make some great custom holsters and other kit.

We check out the custom Kydex made holster for the BFG/VTG Blank Firing Grenade.

See the full review and check out these guys - good quality kit.

PDR 3D Printed larger Mag release available

PDR 3D Printed larger Ma...

PDR mag release issues - fixed with this bit of 3D printing magic - see all about it and get yours ordered. Go on, your PDR needs a treat, so do you!

Solve those fumbling mag release issues with this new bit of 3D wizardry. Find out how to order yours on the Airsoft Odyssey blog.

UK Airsoft Expo - September 2014

UK Airsoft Expo - Septem...

Did YOU miss out on the UKs Airsoft Expo? - Check it out here:

Airsoft Expo - FULL Review + some pictures and of course the video - see what you missed, catch up and see our recommendations if your planning an event of your own!

4 years ago by yosser
Specna Arms SA-A07 Carbine video review

yosser Specna Arms SA-A07 Carbine video review

4 years ago
Specna Arms SA-07 Review

Specna Arms SA-07 Review

The latest review on the Airsoft Odyssey blog is the Specna Arms SA-07 Carbine from

A budget priced AEG which is surprising for its price and quality - why can't more AEG's be like this?

See why we thought this AEG is worthy to be in your collection.

Smart Gas - Airsoft Green Gas review

Smart Gas - Airsoft Gree...

So SMART GAS - this ones available from Gunfire - so what's the news on the latest gas to hit the selves:
"...these are in danger of being overlooked as they kind of look like furniture polish cans from the 1970’s, BUT don’t let that fool you, as you’d be overlooking a fully functional gas for your GBB pistol or rifle ...": Check out the full review: ON Airsoft Odyssey - available from...

E&L 104 PMC-B review on Airsoft Odyssey

E&L 104 PMC-B review...

From we have the E&L 104 PMC-B Assault Rifle review.

A quality bit of kit is it worth your hard earned cash to add to your airsoft collection?

We check it out and as a teaser we've even included here a video of it shooting which will give you some idea of its performance.

WE Europe - Nuprol 2.0 & 3.0 review

WE Europe - Nuprol 2.0 &...

Airsoft Odyssey checks out the new range of NUPROL gases available from WE Europe - is it worth the extra cost and hype?

Check out the review and video on the Airsoft Odyssey blogspot

Custom Kydex Holster by GDS

Custom Kydex Holster by ...

Check out the latest review EXCLUSIVELY on Airsoft Odyssey.

A great way to retain and carry a pistol with tac-lights or other attachments - with a Kydex Holster - this one's by Guardian Defence Systems - the blof checks it out:

Leo Köhler Combat Trousers Review

Leo Köhler Combat Trouse...

Quality German engineering in trouser form the Leo Köhler Combat Trousers Review on Airsoft Odyssey.

Available from these are quality German moleskin trousers and you won't go far wrong in these. A great bit of kit....find out more on the blog....

Yosser's Airsoft Odyysey

Originally started out as a blogzine for North West Airsofters in the UK but quickly established itself with international airsofters from all walks and areas of life as a global airsoft presence.

Its reviews are regularly picked up by the BIG 2 airsoft sites, Arnies & Popular Airsoft. It even got a nomination in the Popular Airsofts Players Choice Awards 2010 in the English Blog catagory.

Check it out for news, gossip, articles, personal thoughts and gear reviews including tactical kit and AEG's and special projects.

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Specna Arms SA-A07 Carbine video review

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Specna Arms SA-A07 Carbine video review

Airsoft Odyssey

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