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We are an Airsoft team based in Winnipeg, Canada who are based on the UKSF some of us are more impression based well others not as much. We are big into Milsim but will also take part in alot of local scrims. Our backround history is the following.

Forming in early 2010, we instantly earned respect on the field with our fast-paced fighting style. We theme our team after various elements of the United Kingdoms Special Forces, from BDU to Weapons. The Royal Marine known to each other as "Royals" but the rest of the British Forces know them as bootnecks. This nickname is derived from them cutting the top from a leather boot and wearing it like a modern neck-brace to stop sailors cutting their throat while they guarded officers on board British sailing ships, dating back as far as 1750. So naturally with a history like that our team na ... Read more

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