Raw Airsoft Team


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Raw Airsoft Team is a small group of friends who have been playing together since we were 12 years old. We support team work and responsible playing and most of all having fun.

We like to share our knowlege of the sport with others and also learn as much as we can to better ourselves.

Members of Raw Airsoft Team:

1. Alexander Stortiset
2. Petter Både
3 .Martin Einarsen
4. David Løkken
5. Patrick Løkken
6. Anders Nygård
7. Magnus Vanem
8. Christoffer Engelstad
9. Charles Valentin Wigdahl Bratli
10. Tommy Heimdal
11. Markus Skadsdammen
12 .Håkon Græsberg
13 .Erik Eriksson
14. Simen Johnsrud
15. Lars Brenna

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