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TFBK is a site for the "grownup" airsofter with the focus on serious airsoft and Mil-Sim.

Our aim is to gather like minded groups, teams and individuals who are serious about the sport. With the emphasis on tactics rather than a mindless skirmish.

We are located at a forest near Welshpool and Newtown on the English welsh border and are currently sourcing new locations to bring a variety of events to suit like minded people.

Our site is 1200 acre's of woodland for day gaming with miles of gravel tracks for night gaming.
On site we have working smoke mortars to engage enemy at distances of 150 meters and a Ex Military Land Rover to run task force teams around the site for different details and missions.

The scenario's which we will run will play a part in modern day events with our own takes of real time events which are h ... Read more

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