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NAM is a historical Airsoft team from Poznan founded in the spring of 2007. The team possesses uniforms, gear and replica weapons corresponding the equipment used by US Army during the Vietnam War. NAM goes above a typical Airsoft activity providing its members combat trainings and source documents in such areas as military, defense knowledge and first aid. Our team participates in various Airsoft and historical reenactment events. NAM organizes such meetings as
- NAMSTOCK – a series of scenarios which refer to main battles and other operations of the Vietnam War,
- Full Plastic Jacket – a cycle of mini-scenarios based on various episodes of the Vietnam War,
- Vice Poznań – series of oldschool-style meetings which refer to 80′s ,
- REFORGER and Tigermeet military exercies.

Our team is open for people who are interested ... Read more

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