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SSK Ruta 45 Ruma

SSK Ruta 45 Ruma

Airsoft team RUTA45 was produced under a shooting sport club.
The club was founded in April of 2010 in Ruma, by a few enthusiasts who wanted to spend their free time devoted to an extreme sport

ASK Komite Sombor

ASK Komite Sombor

12 clanova

osnovani polovinom septembra 2010.

slava kluba 9-tog marta a to su ?etrdeset velikomu?enika Sevastijskih

Ruski loadout sa dva tipa (u zavisnosti od potrebe):

1. VDV - kopirana u opremi/uniformama/oznakama/naoruzanju 98-ma gardijska
vazdusno desantna divizija VDV (98-? ??????????? ????????-?????????
???????? ??????????????? ?????? ???????? ???????).

Operation  Warjunkie  (by ODA 021)

Operation Warjunkie (b...

Warlord Jurij "Krinkov" Polansky is suppling the rebels with weapons and ammo for years after the civil war that "ended" 2 years ago. The smmugled weapons bring him and his private army millions of dollars in profit.
Now, he has sworn to bring his region under his contoroll and rid it from the foreign occupation forces!
The gerilla style fighting of the Red Army has rendered all attempts of any ...

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Serbian Team Association

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Airsoft Srbija - Airsoft Serbia

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De ste bre :)

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