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Welcome To Bristol Recon...

Hello Bristol Recon here just to say welcome and please feel free to see our website at

Bristol Recon airsoft team was founded by Elvis early in 2008. The team was a splinter faction from the Evil Bears, who we remain great friends with, and regularly fight alongside them.

We are not a large team, but prefer to keep numbers manageable: our preferred style of play is flanking moves or small unit insertion, where our lack of bodies is not important. We're aggressive in our play, and don't apologise for playing to win - but whatever the outcome, we're essentially playinng to have fun!

We are often asked about our team camo: we use M90 as the team pattern, which is a very effective Swedish splinter design. Previously we used Woodland Marpat, also very effective. Although we play a large amount of urban/CQB airsoft, we have no set uniform for these events.

Our home site was Ultimate Airsoft, Thornbury, where we ai ... Read more

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5 years ago by BristolRecon    Comments: 1    Views: 1406

Come and say hello & if you have any feedback from playing against us or with us please post.

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