Airborne Airsoft


Our new HQ

Our new HQ


Airborne Airsoft have just started developing a new piece of land which we will be using as a training area and small game zone for half day missions and corporate events. We will be building a 'killing house', developing a hamburger hill game zone and a blackhawk down scenario amongst a few other things. There will be car parking and camping on site so not only can you c...

Operation Mongoose

Operation Mongoose


Game Description:

On Friday 7th September 2012 Iran test fired a so called ‘Harmless' rocket. What NATO did not know was that this ‘Harmless' rocket was a live nuclear weapon.

There was a malfunction with one of the rocket boosters causing it to go off course and crash land in a town called Longmooriskstan just inside the border of Iran/Iraq.

A team of Americ...

Airborne Airsoft has been created by a team of ex-forces and veteran-airsoft professionals with the training and first hand experience to deliver the ultimate combat simulation to our customers, whether you are an experienced airsoft veteran yourself or a newbie, we will make you live the scenarios with regular briefings and Intel updates as the missions progress with the outcome dependant on you, the player.

Our aim is to provide military combat scenarios in a safe and controlled environment and ensure the maximum enjoyment of our clients.

We have turned our passion into our profession..

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