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Hello there,
We are ASTS, a younger age group based in the Lakewood/ Tacoma area of Washington. We play mostly CQB at Tac Indoor CQB Facility. If you are interested in joining please request. It is recommended that you are under the age of 15 as all of our members are, have a good aeg with an FPS under 350, and live in the Lakewood/ Tacoma area.

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Airsoft Team Sigma

5 years ago by ASTSrmr    Comments: 1    Views: 648

Are you guys going to Z-Freak at TAC? It's this Wednesday at 7:00 PM, and it's zombie themed. Not exactly sure what all the specs are, but if it's anything like the last zombie game at TacTac, then it looks awesome. For more information, check out the event that I posted on AirsoftSquared, or look up The Airsoft Center or Tacoma Tactical (Only use the TacTac one if you're trying to find The Airsoft Center's page.) Thank you!

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