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The 502nd Pathfinders is an Airsoft and Re-enactor Group. It was born in august of 2011, when the original 101st Airborne Airsoft Team was blowed up, and deleted out from the Hungarian Airsoft Community. The team was scattered two sides. One side was decided to make the 506th P.I.R. Easy Co., the other side (us) was decided, to make the old Pathfinders from the 502nd P.I.R. (Brothers in Arms game series).
The moral, the way of thinking about the history and the ww2 military tactics are the same as the real ww2 paratroopers doing. The move, the using method of the weapons, the hair and moustache styles, the humor and so on - these things are the same like a real life soldier.
The original team made this section in the Hungarian Airsoft Community, which was born in 2005.
Today We are making a new section from this allied period... ... Read more

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2009.05.09. - Börgönd - Pacific Assault-Guadalcanal Airsoft Game

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