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Name: Strategic Response Airsoft Unit
Formally: Wolf Corporation Airsoft
Website: www.wolcorps.com/
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SRA.Airsoft

Active Leaders:

- Lt. Cmdr. C.J. Bevan (Commanding Officer.)
- Sergeant Jax (Secondary.)
- Sergeant Michel McPhil
- Sergeant Chad Rayment
- Corporal Mason Young

The Strategic Response Airsoft team is oriented on such values as respect, honor, and teamwork. We work as to accomplish tasks not only in the field but off the field as well. We have a pretty good Tactical Knowledge and we train our team everything we know from how to use a map and campus, to proper stacking techniques when breaching and clearing a room. We are currently working on setting our team up with communications so that our team will be a perfect unit.

We also have a very unique team in terms ... Read more

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