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UK Chapter

UK Chapter

we just opened up our new UK Chapter. And changed our URL to:

Operation Nightmare

Operation Nightmare

Next this Saturday in Area "E" Germany, Nightgame

The Recon Ghosts Airsoft Team was founded in november 2008, by a couple of guys which wanted a little more for themselfes.
Tactics is one of our main priorietys, to play smart together and reach the objective with as less
casualties as possible.
We all wear Multicam (mainly Propper) and we like to take a lot of details in our gear.
We don't do any kind of reenactment, to much stress. We like to we
ar our own gear as we need it.
A few of us know each other for a long time, so we do have a verry friendly, familar communication between each other. We meet in the HQ, work on our stuff, watch movies on the beamer and just have a good time.
Who likes to have fun and action is just right with us.

Visit us on Facebook:
Or Homepgae:

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Recon Ghosts Airsoft Team

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Respekt. So muss ein ernst gemeintes Hobby aussehen. :-)

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