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Well we're finally here!

Well we're finally here!

Looking into more avenues of expanding awareness of what we do, we've ended up here!

I hope you like what we upload and share with you all and look fgorward to hearing your opinions and creative/ constructive criticism!

Spectre Airsoft Media aims to bring the latest non-bias information, videos, reviews and photography to the Airsoft community in one location.
- Game sites reviewed by Airsofters for Airsofters.
- Video's detailing the newest in weapons, game play and loadouts.
- Photographs of you in the midst of the action looking your best.
- Interviews and news on the Airsoft Community

Spectre Airsoft Media provides opportunities in the following areas –
- Product photography
- Supplier artwork
- Magazine shoots/covers
- Team/Game Day photos
- Events coverage

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