Dads Army


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Aims of Team “Dads Army” Airsoft team
1 To shoot Josh
2 To have fun
3 To improve our game play by working as a unit rather than individuals, and to work on team skills to become sneaky bastards.
4 Not to become too clickey or elitist, to also help noobs and show them some game skills (the better they are the more fun they will be to hunt next time).
5 Did I mention shooting Josh.....

Granville Nixon = Captain
Lee Walters = Shorty
Neil Boyband Darkins = Boyband
Daniel J Bird= 4 String
Chris Looneytune Flavell = Looneytune
Richard Pattison = Baloo
Gary Geordie Russell = Jagger
Karl Hayes = IrishRussian
Alastair Dobson =
Daniel J Bird =

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