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Connecting to ROF

Connecting to ROF

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ROF Youtube Channel

ROF Youtube Channel

ROF has its very own youtube. We go over loadouts, guns, and gear. Check us out at:

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he Recon Ops Fireteam is a team that was founded in 2011. Currently located in the Mohave Desert. We currently have five outstanding members. Sandman, Ice, Reaper, Mirage and Agent K. These member are the heart and soul of Recon Ops Fireteam. The team has been through multiple changes, such as leaders and names. The team was at once seven members. People moved on and people clashed. The team has been called Shadow 646, Ghost Force Recon, and Task Force Rippers.

Recon Ops Fireteam is trying to expand and its very hard to in a small area. We are near Las Vegas, but no one that lives an hour and half away wants to join. We have been to APEX field, and two Lion Claw Events. We have a Youtube channel as well.

We are willing to branch out as well, different states and also countries. If someone happens to branch with us you will hav ... Read more

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