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This is more of a review of the "fresh out of the wood work" team GrimLock, I myself am not apart of the team but one thing I can tell you about them is they are unique in their own way, many words can describe them but a few are stealth, silent team work, sweet uniforms and good sportsmanship, the team has about 26 members and 11 active(not too sure about that though could be more)they are all unique in their own way, some are rowdy some are quiet and some have that hyped up personality, not much is known though about the commander of the team I do know how ever that his call sign is ghost, all being different one stand out among them all the eccentric loud mouth captain of GrimLock "ScareKrow" not to say he is a annoying person but he never backs down from a challenge and always has something to say, in fact I was there the first ti ... Read more

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