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The CBMPC is the latest incarnation of "Team Matrix" Matrix was formed in early 2000 and lasted for about 6 years, before it slowly fell apart. the CBMPC was born out of the remains of the team and a drunken night in the Cellar Bar! (from which we take our name) Our current team are dedicated to the sport, and love having fun. We aren't "geardo's" with all that "All the gear no idea" bullshit. Were in it to have some fun, and show other teams around the country who we are! haha :) The team has had many members (from the old matrix days) but currently we are:

Lee "Magaz" Morante

Matt "Sugar Plum" Plummer

Scott "Troll" Hartley

James "Chef" Martin

Lee "Standin" Standing

Taran "Tazbestos" Draycott

Derek "Dez" Bond

Sam "Nightwolf" Shields

Paul "Coup" Couper

Jimmy "Dimm ... Read more

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