Task Force Scorpion


Task Force Scorpion @ Michigan Tactical Airsoft Center

Task Force Scorpion @ Mi...

This would be Task Force Scorpion's first skirmish. The date is not final nor the time.MTAC stands alone with an impressive new 15,000 sq ft. indoor arena and a two-acre outdoor arena. We have constructed rooms to represent a classroom, hotel room, a bank, jail cells, party store, three bed room house with breachable front door, a blank room with four entry points. We also have two towers, random ...

Operation Crimson Thunder

Operation Crimson Thunde...

If anyone is planning to do Operation Crimson Thunder, please email me at nammonroe@gmail.com.


We are a relititivly small group in Monroe, Michigan and do events a the Monroe County Airsoft Group. We plan on attending MilSim events in Michigan and Ohio. Most members are under the age of 13. If you would like to join us, email me at nammonroe@gmail.com with your codename and location [Southeastern Michigan only please]. Right now, we have 9 [nine] players. By the end of the year [2014] I would like to have 10 players and in June 2015 have 20 active members [In Monroe alone] who attend games and skirmishes.

"History's written by the victors"
Cpt.John Price
Modern Warfare Two

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