[SEMAPO GEAR] Multicam NJPC (M size)  in stock

[SEMAPO GEAR] Multicam NJPC (M size) in stock

Multicam NJPC (new jimmy plate carrier) devgru navy seal vest Semapo Gear

size : M size (slightly smaller than AOR1 NJPC ) - need to use M, S size SAPI plate

Pre delivary inspction (PDI). US material. Premium grade tactical gear

- original 500D cordura Multicam

- original shoulder strap

- original Span + Cordura span fabric

- original ITW buckle

- Mil spec webbing Multicam


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SVD-S Sniper video by RBAirsoft

SVD-S Sniper video by RBAirsoft

Filmed at Lahnus, Finland June 12th 2016. Took a while to get this video out, lost my project file, vacation and lots of other stuff including other airsoft videos etc. Using my SVD-S CYMA for the first time after I rebuilt it. If you like what ...

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ASG CZ 75 - full metal.

ASG CZ 75 - full metal.

This fully licensed Airsoft gun is an accurate replica in both form and function, it sits perfectly in the hand and its realistic blowback action will provide hours of shooting fun. The internal mechanisms have been designed to be simple, durable and ...

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CENTAURO Milsim - Portugal 2016

CENTAURO Milsim - Portugal 2016

CENTAURO event is organized by Associação Lusitana de Airsoft - APD.
Operation window:
062230Out.16 - Deployment;
070000Out.16 – Beginning;
091230Out.16 - Terminus.
60H operation
CENTAURO event is, in its essence, a reconnaissance mission over hostile territory, and it consists in:
1.0 - Autonomous Infil / Exfil patrols, with 4 or 5 elements;
1.1 – Infil / Exfil patrols will be inserted on...

Next few scheduled events at Lothian

Next few scheduled events at Lothian

Lothian Airsoft Theater will be having events on July 9th, July 16th, and July the 30th. Featuring our constellation series which you can check out on Lothian's YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Hc3bWR6aliA. Price $30 will have camping on Friday nights before the events for $10. We will be selling BB's and snacks on site as well as other items. Be sure to come out and enjoy 110 Acres along with mul...

Registration is NOW OPEN

Registration is NOW OPEN

Registration for Operatio: Sagittarius and the other two events are now open! just click the link below and register today. http://www.lothianairsoft.com/#!event-schedule/c10k4

OVERLOAD 6 – Battle of the Red Gorge

OVERLOAD 6 – Battle of the Red Gorge

Overload Crew extends the invitation to join the sixth event in the OVERLOAD series on September the o2nd – o4th, 2o16.
OVERLOAD 6 – Battle of the Red Gorge
(42 hrs airsoft & milsim event)

Over the past five years, OVERLOAD has grown to be one of the most important airsoft events in Romania. We hope to meet the same level of popularity this ...

Operation Bermuda

Operation Bermuda

Operation Bermuda is next up on the agenda!!! This will take place on Saturday April 4th and will be a night operation. Briefings will be held at 6:00 p.m. and will start strictly at 7:00 p.m. This means be here at the Haag's farm at 6:00 p.m.! The two sergeants will be Zachery DeBates leading the Navy SEALs, and Brock Morgan leading the defenders.
Navy SEALs: There is a crate of smu...

Saturday Airsoft

Saturday Airsoft

Anyone want to play Airsoft Saturday? I'm thinking Augusta Airsoft.

Wyvern Airsoft Photos

Wyvern Airsoft Photos

Oscar Plummer is a photographer : "I have been shooting airsoft pics for a couple of years now so there are quote a few pics on there - would be great to get a shout out on Airsoft Squared if I could!"

Check all his galleries of Airsoft photos and event reviews at http://www.wyvernairsoft.com/ and http://www.wyvernairsoft.com/event-reviews.html

Latest photo sets are Infiltration Ai...

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FAQC Présente


Date: 21 Mai 2016

Lieu: Terrain FAQC, Ste-Maguerite-de-Beauce,
139, rang St-Thomas, Ste-Marguerite-de-Beauce (Carte Google)
Possibilité de camper sur place le vendredi et le samedi soir, réservé votre place SVP

Cout: 40$

Arrivée: 8h
Fermeture de l’Admin: 10h45
Explication de la journée: 11h
Déplacement des joueurs sur le terrain : 11h45...

"Valentines Day Massacre - Battle of the Sexes" Update

"Valentines Day Massacre - Battle of...

Over 30 people booked on for Sunday 14th Feb's game, however only a couple of ladies have booked on so we'll probably do a protect the King & Queen theme for the day.
There are only a couple of hire guns left now too.
So don't be square, book below and see you there.

Hire Gun Booking: http://tinyurl.com/hrk6eje

Walk On Booking: http://tinyurl.com/14-2-16-AirsoftGame

The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

The Pathfinder II-REDEMPTION

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa started with preparation for the second part of The Pathfinder story-REDEMPTION, 27 hrs Milsim event with Larp elements on our private military/airsoft island Mrcara, CROATIA.

Players numbers are limited only to 100 because we offer most exclusive games, non-stop action, with full service included, transportation, food, accommodation, power supply, game water, game souven...


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