World First Ever UAC Aluminium Loading Muzzle for GBB Pistol

World First Ever UAC Aluminium Loading Muzzle for GBB ...

The UAC Aluminium Loading Muzzle was first used on our cross-over product with Impact Force CQB, on a UAC La Brama race gun. The Aluminium Loading Muzzle was manufactured by precision CNC with aircraft grade 6061 Aluminium. It was durable and providing a stable, constant & smooth blowback which give you the best kick of each shot. More detail will release soon. Please like & follow us on o...

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Nike SFB Jungle Boots

Nike SFB Jungle Boots

Nike's latest addition to the Special Field Boot lineup is the SFB Jungle. In addition to style cues that pay homage to the original jungle boots, the SFB Jungle Boots have a number of additional features for maximum performance in wet climates. Nike ...

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Tactical Jacket - wind/rain protection / A2FPS.COM AIRSOFT

Tactical Jacket - wind/rain protection / ...

A great jacket for a very competitive price: only CHF 59.90.

The jacket is light and comfortable, it is equipped with a hood and, most important, it is waterproof: the jacket is ideal for windy and/or rainy day and it will keep you warm and dry.

Many colors and patterns are available.

-Wind/rain protection
-Light and ...

V2 and V3 Gearbox Shells in

V2 and V3 Gearbox Shells in

Reinforced G&G Gearbox Shells are since recently available in Hristo Airsoft Store, so pick the one you need: G&G V2 8mm (blowback), V2 8mm, V2 TGM (blowback) or V3...

Molle connectors, quick to fit, easy to use

Molle connectors, quick to fit, easy to u...

Ever wanted to attach and connect slings or other items to your Molle vest, pack or armour quickly?

Now you can...

Intelligent Armour Molle connectors are simple and very easy to use connection system that takes moments to fit to any equipment. Just feed under the Molle straighten and pull down to secure.

For more information, see:

New G&G gear in

New G&G gear in

We weren't too lazy over the weekend to prepare more G&G news! Stocks, magazines, flash hiders, cases... are available and can be seen immediately by following the link we've provided!

New type of Powder hand grenade is available!

New type of Powder hand grenade is availa...

Good news! R2Bm EVO (powder filled hand grenades) are available! You can order it at

We also apologize for the shortage of "Archangel" projectiles and delay of "Velum" smoke rounds production. We are working hard to bring those 2 rounds to the market, but we can't place a products that are not 100% perfect. It's all about Innovation researches aft...

WE Suppressor Adapter -

WE Suppressor Adapter -

New item in stock!
WE suppressor adapter, so you can fit any 14mm CCW suppressor onto 11mm barrel thread CW pistols - photo example: WE M1911 M.E.U.!

=> new WE Pistols! new WE Pistols!

We're high on WE high quality Pistols! And we've gotten quite a few new ones; now we've got G17, G18c, G19, G34; 1911 MEU Black, Beretta, XDM, PX4 STORM...

We ship to 35 European countries, you can get free shipping to 30 of those! G&G news! G&G news!

Big news and a welcome addition to our stock - G&G PDW99 and GR14 EBR replicas!
And WE Glocks are also here!



M4/M16 AEG/GBB Accessories BUNDLE

M4/M16 AEG/GBB Accessories BUNDLE

Accessories BUNDLE, suitable for M4/M16 AEG/GBB.

It contains following items:

-Angled Fore Grip 2
-StracTech Grip or MGW Grip
-camo XTM Enhanced Rail Covers or one tone XTM
-Enhanced Rail Covers
(-AEG not included)

Colors available:
-Camo (Multicam, Digital Desert, A-Tacs AU, A-Tacs FG)
-One tone (black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab) Madbull Black Python V2 Barrels Madbull Black Python V2 Barrel...

Six different lengths of Madbull Black Python V2 6.03mm Barrels are available in Hristo Airsoft Store!

Tight Bore Bareels for different replicas, follow the link and find the suitable one! Pay by Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal!


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