TAGinn smoke rounds and a "015 Project"

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The TAGinn company just showed what it have mastered for an upcoming season on an “IWA 2015” expo in Nuremberg 2 weeks ago.
There are few new products that has been spotted on their stand.

1. D-boys GP-25 VOG compatible launching device for TAGinn projectiles. The “VOG-Shell” ™ will let the owners of a cheapest GP-25 grenade launchers, to use a TAGinn projectiles. Powered by CO2 gas.

2. Heavy duty launching device - “Shell-Pro”™. Full CNC, made of extremely durable POM aviation polymer barrel and tempered stainless steel pneumatic mechanism – making this device the ultimate solution for any weather and for any types of game or army trainings. This launching device was designed for the law enforcements and military use, but also an aggressive airsoft and paintball players are welcome to use it. Powered by unregulated CO2 (800 PSI). The new system is saving the safe muzzle velocity like in a regular “Shell”™, but allowing to use it in a cold weather (up to -20’ C).

3. Filling Station – “FiSt”™. Designed for filling a new “015 project” launching devices ““VOG-Shell”™ and “Shell-Pro”™. The long nozzle is specially adapted for filling a new launching devises.

4. “R2B Tactical Smoke” ™ – Hand deployed smoke grenade. It is similar to its relatives from a “R2B” family, but deploying a medium size smokescreen.

5. “Velum” ™ - The new smoke 40mm projectile for grenade launchers. Uses as a signal/marking smoke when shot one, as a remote (up to 100 meters) smokescreen when shot 3 or more.

6. The “TAG-15” ™ (GP-30 style) Grenade Launcher. This is a “swan song” of a TAGinn engineers. This GL is allowing you to shoot without using any preloaded cartridges like a TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectiles inside a “TAG-15” riffled barrel. The special “QRC” (Quick Reload Chamber) system, allowing to replace a 12gr CO2 tank just in 3 seconds without any additional tools. The incredible fire rate, efficiency and accuracy will let you shoot 10-12 shots using single 12gr CO2 cartridge, right on your target.

The “Tactical Game Innovation” company storing many interesting projects in the bunkers, and will keep amaze you with a new incredible devices and concepts.
All this will be available soon at www.airsoftpyrotechnics.com



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