BOLT Airsoft BR-47 KeyMod BRSS Review

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Creation date May 05, 2015
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I was able to review one of the best, if not the best EBB in the market:

This is my first Bolt Airsoft AEG so I was going pretty much into uncharted territory as I never owned one of these. However, this is my second EBB (Electric Blow Back) and I’ve had the opportunity to try, during skirmishes the notorious Tokyo Marui Recoils. Also, this gun features a unique design that is not very common, since it brings together two worlds that are often apart: the AK47 and AR-15 platforms. In fact, the BR-47 is based on one of the world’s rarest fire-arms: the KAC SR-47.

This AEG, oops! EBB, is already quite unique in its design and history, so I guess the question that is in all airsofters’ minds must be answered: exactly how does the Bolt BR-47 stack up against the new breed of EBBs and how good is it?

So I was very curious about this gun, as I’m sure you are too, so, if you want to find out all about it just keep reading here:


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