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The rifle will not fire until the magazine is inserted. It then show 95 rounds on the digital screen and count down with every shot. As soon as the counter hits 0 it stops firing and requires the magazine to be changed.

The fire selector is also digital, with one button it changes between semi auto or full auto, shown on the screen as SF (Single Fire) or F (Full Auto). There is also an integrated flash light (powered by 1x 1.5V AAA battery). Requires 1x 9V battery to power the electronics.

•Polymer Construction/ Metal internals, outer barrel and inner frame
•Approx 350 fps
•Working counter and auto stop at 95 rounds fired
•Digital fire selector
•High capacity magazine included
•Approx 4.5Kg / 6Kg with packing

If you are interested, you can orders on our website.
LINK: airsoftgogo.com/en/product/product/3000


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