Huge new Milsim field open in central California!

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Union Airsoft is a brand new Airsoft site that is the most incredible site you've ever seen. It is located in Copperopolis California just a two hour drive from the Bay Area, and is the historical site of the copper mine that provided munitions to the Union army during the civil war. The old armory is still there as well as the ruins of the old brick mining buildings from the late 1800s. Playing in this site is the most incredible experience of your life, and it is my pleasure to announce there will be regular quarterly operations at the site. The town itself is actually a ghosttown, and despite rumors that the ghosts of Union army soldiers still haunt the grounds, we assure you it is safe. (At least no one has reported any sightings since we began playing there.) There is a beautiful and full campground available to players who attend the weekend long operations.



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