Action Army POM Piston Head for Airsoft AEG

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The ACTION ARMY POM piston head is a great upgrade that will increase the efficiency of airflow through the cylinder. This piston head has ports on the front to push out the o-ring as it moves forwards, this ensures that all of the air in the cylinder is being pushed out to propel the BB.
ACTION ARMY is one of the best with extremely high quality upgrade parts for all different types of guns.

Compatibility Type: Version 2 - Version7 / M4, M16, M733, MP5, SCAR, AK, UMG, etc.
Compatibility Brand: Tokyo Marui G&G ICS VFC KWA H&K JG SRC UMAREX Class Army Echo 1
Processing: Action Army provides maximum precision and durability.
Manufacturer: Action Army / Made in Taiwan


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