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Friday morning came before the sun was even up, which is not much different from any work day of mine. I drove north an met up with our new staff writer Jake, who is a veteran of American MilSim Events (AMS) and assured me I had been missing out. We set off west to Camp Shelby, MS though the trek was dampened by dark clouds and intermittent rain.

We arrived in the afternoon to a bustling vendors row that featured ZShot, G&G Armament, Elite Force, Polar Star, PTS, Tippmann Airsoft, Evike, Redwolf, Airsplat and our buddies to the north SS Airsoft. The event store was sponsored by Kastway Airsoft which featured just about everything you could have wanted from an airsoft store, regardless of whether it was a last minute purchase or not.

The rain dampened our ability to do any sort of media shoot, but we met up with Javier of One Grunts Opinion and started mapping out our plan of attack. Javier was to be the sniper and Jake and I were going to provide the cover.

Direct Action Missions

Later that night we were recruit by Oliver Love to run OpFor for the Direct Action Missions or DAMs. Teams were tasked with rescuing two hostages, whom to their surprise, would also have two babies. Teams would then have to run and gun through the south village, jump into a pick up truck while under heavy fire, and relocate to a building where an ambush was naturally set up by OpFor.

While it was all exciting when it happened, the OpFor was left on a random dirt road for a bit in anticipation for a rolling ambush. It was at this time that our group of 4 decided to get into the roll, creating a “suggestive” check point that for whatever reason, some locals who probably had no business on base, decided to stop at and “check in.” Good Times.

Is that a plane?

The plan for Saturday was a new one for any MilSim Event promoter; as the start time was to be 1600 hrs in anticipation for the summer heat….that has really none existent thanks to a cold front that had passed through the night, effectively eliminating the humidity all together.

The start time did two things however: it allowed more time to sleep in from a long night of DAM missions, and really forced players into playing more of the night time game in order to get their money’s worth as usually they suffer from low attendance. Unfortunately, it seems like the entirety of the event suffered from lower numbers, however.

The Area of Operation (AO) was both a beauty and a curse. The proximity of the buildings and the construction lent to a warlike atmosphere, however the over-all L shape of the town and the small valley that ran through the middle divided the town into two sides that became very difficulty to cross. It seemed that once one side took control of the Mosque in the center of town, they held the high ground and the advantage.

The event started of with a bang, literally, and quickly escalated as airplanes were heard making strafing runs on the city. Those paying attention were rewarded with roof top explosions as experts from the Alabama pyrotechnics guild were on hand to provide the special effects.

Fighting from building to building was intense and kept up through out the night. Once night fell, it became extremely difficult to differentiate friend from foe without the use of NODs, and the light the emanated from the interior of the buildings added to difficulties avoiding silhouetting.

Once the AMS staff was able to get the street lights on, the fighting ramped up again as it evened the playing field for the majority of players who did not have the advantage of nodes. However, those with NODs still had the benefit of darkness in some of the “war torn” areas of the lower aspect of the city.

CoST troops spent most of the afternoon pushing UFS out of the Mosque and down into the lower city, and by night fall, CoST forces pushed all the way into the center of the lower city and dangerously close to the UFS FOB. Sometime during twilight hours, UFS made a big push, driving CoST back to the Mosque and out of the lower city completely. UFS then took to the woods on both sides and engage the Mosque form the rear, nearly making entry before getting repelled.

Needless to say, the fighting was intense, smart, and really fun. I wasn’t able to play Sunday however, as I had to attempt to make up for lost media time on Friday, but failed to regardless. What I did see, was that CoST has pushed UFS back up against their FOB…but to be fair, the AO was cut in half to start Sunday morning due to range control, so they had a bit of a head start.

Thoughts On My First AMS Event

I’m not sure if I could have picked a better event to attend for my first AMS event or not, but I had one hell of a time regardless of the amount of work (or not) I was able to get done. The staff members of AMS are spectacularly nice guys and very supportive of our efforts in growing the airsoft community through media. They went above and beyond in order to get our drone in the air, but were strict in it’s use in order not to invade on the player’s experience which was something we appreciated. The support staff was just as enthusiastic as Bo, JP, Frosty and Rick and just as knowledgeable when asked for help.

While the AO left you only wanting slightly more, the AMS staff skillfully designed missions and elements into the game that roughed out the smallest of wrinkles….and then there were fireworks! I mean literal fireworks. The Pyro team from Alabama Pyrotechniques, LLC were phenomenal and truly professional. We had to meet with them in order to discuss flight restrictions with our drone, as well as RJ from Airsoft Gear Guide and his drone, and they were more than accommodating, switching one of their detonators from wireless to 9v in order to not interfere with the drone’s controllers.

The AMS community is one of loyalty and pride. I also witnessed some awesome sportsmanship throughout the entire weekend on both sides. I watched both sides come together in game and make a decision independent of any admin in order to eliminate a special advantage that CoST had one by pushing to close to the UFS FOB. It was awesome.

Whenever meeting some one for the first time, I was always asked, CoST or UFS. When I mentioned I was CoST to a UFS attendant I was immediately chided about meeting again at the end of their barrel. AMS has built a brand of MilSim that deserves the following it has received (#CoSTPride .)


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