WE Introduces New GP1799 Series

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Creation date September 30, 2015
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The WE GP1799 is a new product developed specifically for airsoft competitions.

Inherited from the acclaimed WE G-Series internals, it offers powerful blow-back and balanced stability, giving the most innovative and ideal results.

The key feature is most of the parts are in common with the G-Series. Apart from the pistol frame, other components, such as magazine, mechanics, spare parts, etc. are 90% the same as the G-Series !!!

Slides of the G-Series can be used on this pistol. Vice versa, the slide of this pistol is suitable for different models in the G-Series. Even the new split-slide from the G-Series can also be fitted.

Besides black, other colors are also available.
Airsofters can mix and match freely ~

Coming to quality airsoft resellers near you soon.

We will be exhibiting new products, accessories and much more.
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