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Limited Edition - Aliens Pulse Airsoft Rifle

Buy a Mosfet 3 and reload after every 95 rounds by dropping the mag and reinserting it.

You know it and you really want it! There is nothing like a Pulse Rifle for clearing your attic of pesky Xenomorphs...

Based on the original G&P kit to replicate the Colonial Space Marines weapon from the Aliens movie, but without all the grief of building it, these have a Thompson M1A1 as their base and feature a working digital countdown LED display which registers each BB fired. A slight 'disadvantage' (not that you are really going to use it to count your ammo!) is that the LED counter starts from 95 to zero, so it's really just a gimmick unless you are prepared to count 95 rounds into the supplied 190rd mag. If you are quick though, you can remove a fully loaded 190rd mag after it has counted down from 95 to 0, then when you insert the mag, it resets the LED readout to 95 rounds 'ready' and you are good to go again.

Also available in standard


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