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WELL M16A1 Vietnam Replica Airsoft Rifle - Spring Cocking

Scale replica of the Vietnam War era M16A1 with extra long barrel for higher power, range and accuracy for the price.
Fires in single shot mode by cocking the rifle for each shot using the bolt cocking lever on the rear of the upper receiver which make it very easy to use, even for younger shooters.
ABS plastic construction with metal internals means this is quite a light rifle and ideally suited for children (supervised if loaded), re-enactors and target plinkers.
We highly recommend using high quality, seamless and polished BB ammunition to avoid jamming (no, not like Bob Marley :p) - sold separately. The biodegradable 0.15g BB's are best suited for this rifle or you can use quality 0.12g BB's offering slightly less accuracy due to them being lighter in weight


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