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Price: 142 Euro
K.O.: An excellent field suit for daily use. Being thought out to the last detail, it is perfect for security officials, airsoft players, and just for fans of good modern camouflaging dress clothing.
P.O.: Unique, very comfortable fit, expanded armhole. The removable hood is fastened with a double velcro, which is designed so that to be closed in the unbuttoned state and stay clean and not to scratch the face.
The stand collar is also equipped with a double self-closing velcro thanks to which the clasp looks neat and does not hang loosely. The jacket has four spatial pouch pockets and one on each arm. All the pockets and the jacket itself are fastened with slit buttons, which are more reliable and durable due to their design. The rest of the buttons (designed for clasping shoulder straps and hood, cuffs, as well as the buttons on the pants) - double convex with four holes - are also more durable as compared with common ones. Reinforcement inserts on the sleeves for strength. The jacket is adjusted with a cord according to the waistline.
The pants offer the convenience and freedom of movement. Loops for a wide belt, buttoned codpiece. Entry to the side pouches is reinforced with edging, which adds strength and wear-resistance to the part; and the owner of the pants feels comfortable when using them. Particular attention is given to the pouch pockets. The pouch itself is designed so as to be spacious but not to pucker when it is empty. It is closed with the flap on the velcro and buttons, while the entry itself is adjusted with an elastic band. The bottom part of the pants is adjusted with an elastic band.
The suit has passed repeated field tests.


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