OVERLOAD 6 – Battle of the Red Gorge

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Overload Crew extends the invitation to join the sixth event in the OVERLOAD series on September the o2nd – o4th, 2o16.
OVERLOAD 6 – Battle of the Red Gorge
(42 hrs airsoft & milsim event)

Over the past five years, OVERLOAD has grown to be one of the most important airsoft events in Romania. We hope to meet the same level of popularity this year also.
Following the positive feedback regarding the game area, which we have received after each of the previous 7 events (Tormenta Blanca, Rio de Sangre, Overload 1, Overload 2 , Overload 3, Overload 4 and Overload 5), we have decided to place OVERLOAD 6 in the same area.
As with each edition we strive to permanently increase the quality level of each player’s experience, this year we will be undertaking a series of activities which we hope will add an extra level of complexity, realism and immersion.

2016. Election year in Kazîrstan, a former soviet country. Bristenia, neighbouring nation and old adversary, spots the perfect moment to act.
Historically, the foreign relations between the two countries are battered over decades of violence, originated in political and ideological conflict, but mostly fueled by the desire to control the resource rich border area. The entire area earned the name of The Red Gorge, from the rivers of blood shed over the years, the walls of the ravines still stained crimson.

The main fighting factions are:
1) Kazîr Armed Forces (KAF)
Loyal to the Kazîri government. Main force in the area. Subsidized from the state budget.
Consisting mostly of conscripted soldiers. Commands an elite fighter unit, known as the Red Cobras.
2) Bristenia National Army (BNA)
An army specialized in guerrilla warfare. Unofficially, they offer paid protection to the drug cartels operating in the border area and exporting their produce into Kazîrstan, this represents their main source of income. Commands an elite forces unit, known as the Devil’s Shadows.
Along the border, the conflict has frozen over during recent years. Both countries, however, deployed troops along the demarcation line, and they are in a constant alert state.
There is a single official border crossing and it’s heavily fortified. The drug traffic follows a clandestine route to cross the border, also known as the Mule Trail.

Reigniting the Conflict
One of the presidential candidates in the upcoming Kazîri elections is openly adversative to Bristenia. Should he be elected, his promise stands to attack on an unprecedented scale the drug trafficking corrupting his country and also to take over the canyon and its resources. Bad news is, he leads the polls.
BNA is aware of the lurking danger and plans to assassinate him to quench the threat.
The most favourable moment for an attempt might prove the scheduled election run in this region. The convoy is due to pass through a small, secluded village near the borderline.

Arrival and check-in/chrono will start on Thursday (September 1st) from 16:00 to 22.00 and continue on Friday (September 2nd) from 08.00 to 14.00.
All check-in operations will close at 14:00.
• Game-start is Friday (02.09.) at 16:00.
• Game-end is Sunday morning (04.09.) at 10.00.
• The game will go on through the night.
The actual game-time is Friday, 02.09, at 16:00 – Sunday, 04.09, at 10:00 (42 hours of game-play).

28.02.2016 – 20.00 (8.00 PM) UTC +2

A. 15 euro / person, first 30 registered players. Payment due 31.03.2016
B. 21 euro / person. Payment due 31.03.2016
C. 31 euro / person. Payment due between 01.04.2016 and 28.07.2016
D. 51 euro / person. Payment due between 29.07.2016 and 18.08.2016 (final day for payments)

Ticket price covers organization expenses, a hot meal, 5 liters of still water, medical assistance, portable toilets, game props, logistics etc. Any taxes or banking charges related to the ticket payment fall to the payer. Should the owner of a paid ticket not make it to the event, for reasons independent of the organizer, the price will not be reimbursed. Registration closes on August 18th, 2016.

RULES: www.overload.com.ro/en/regulament/
Web: www.overload.com.ro/en/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Overload-airsoft-milsim-EVENT-695443850573787/


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