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Keywords: WE, Airsoft, Titanium

WE is bringing you revolutionary products using “Titanium-Coated” processing.

The Titanium surface not only provides an extra layer of scratch and wear protection, it also gives a distinctive luxurious gold color, entirely unique in style at different light sources and reflections.

They are already available in the G-Series, Force Series, Bird Series, Dog Series, X-Series, semi- and full- auto alike. Titanium coatings for M1911 and M92 will also come out soon.

In addition, WE introduces a common holster suitable to fit all WE G models, interchangeable for left and right-handed users, and adjustable pistol pull-out angle.

Please check out or new range of Titanium products on our Facebook photo gallery.

To make sure you don't miss any of these game-changing new product releases make sure to like and follow our facebook page here:
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