Cybergun FNH FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol

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Creation date April 14, 2016
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Here is my latest review, on one of the best gas blow back pistols I’ve ever used:

I must confess, I have not used a side arm for about 10 months now. The reason behind this is because I wasn’t finding in the market a gun that would make want to have one. Especially most of the games I have been playing during the last 8-9 months were in woodlands where you usually can manage without a sidearm.

However, recently I started going to some more CQB sites, such as Blitz CQB (which I reviewed here) and started to feel the need to have a gun for more close quarter situations. Or when I’m using my DMR, the Ares M110 SASS.

The trigger moment happened when I saw the recent release of the FNX-45 by Cybergun. I knew I had to have that gun!

Read the full review here:


capehart928 Hey!

Quick question. I have recently gotten into airsoft and am signed up for my first turny in June. Pretty excited. Anyway, I have been searching for a new rifle to compete with and stumbled upon the G&G Raider M16 which i saw a review on . It struck my interest as it seemed well built and inline with what i was looking for. My question, do you have any experience with the raider? and if so what are your thoughts? I have asked a few others and they all said it is a good weapon for matches.

Thanks again.

2 years ago

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