Operation: Blind Guardian October 28th - 30th

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Evolution style Milsim event at 878 Airsoft in Waxahachie, TX presented by JTAC Airsoft Productions on October 28th through 30th

Take advantage of early registration where tickets will be discounted at $55 till Oct 21st 2016. Registration closes Oct 26th at Midnight and all sales will be closed. This event will have a player cap of 250 participants.

Operation: Blind Guardian

Tickets available at www.jtacairsoft.com

JTAC Airsoft Productions

878 Airsoft

Republic scientists have been working on a dangerous and deadly new form of chemical warfare, codenamed Canes. If they succeed on completing their work, and getting a viable form of administering it, it could mean the end of the Republic/Separatist war. Separatist leader, Commander Green, is now leading a daring mission into the former United States state of Texas, where he plans on destroying the factory in which Canes is being produced.

Dr. A. Hubert, the lead scientist researching into the disease, is calling for Republic reinforcements. As the last of the ingredients are being transported to the main facility, the Republic army is getting set into place to await the Separatist forces. Unbeknownst to the Republic, Commander Green has Separatist airborne divisions on standby to destroy the facilities, they need only eliminate the anti-air defenses being guarded around the base.

Be on the lookout for the local militant group, the CMD. They have no love for the research being held in their backyard, nor do they approve of Separatist forces moving into their area to start conflict. Look for ways to gain their support, and tip the scales in your favor!

Separatists: Fight your way through the Republic defenses to destroy all cases of the Canes weapon. Take over enemy SAM sites so the Separatist airborne division can be properly, and safely deployed. If you find Dr. A. Hubert, he is to be taken alive and unharmed. Fight the good fight men, and show no mercy!

Republic: Defend the facility at all cost! Don’t let the Separatists scum into your base, don’t let them capture Dr. Hubert, and don’t let them take down your SAM sites. Escort cargo back to the main facility, so that the Doctor can finish his work. This is a great chance for the Republic to win the war, so do not let the Cane weapon into enemy hands. You have your assignments. Get to it soldiers!


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