Teams, Squads or Lone Wolf all are welcome

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Also you don't need to be part of a team to enjoy North V South.
Alone, or with a mate or two you can take a full part in everything that is going on.

We do however produce a limited edition commemorative T shirt with the names of the biggest teams/groups who attend printed on the back.

Here is the FIRST list of teams, which would be printed if the deadline were now ! In the end we will print around 35 teams per side.. the cutoff is usually around 5-7 players per team.

If you have mates still yet to book now is a good time to give them a nudge if you want to stay on the list, or be added to it. We will show an updated list in a couple of weeks.
Tickets can be bought on the link below for only £85 for the full weekend including 3 days of gaming, evening entertainment and party, camping plus other combat activities are Free and included in the price.


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