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LCT Coming AEG on #AK74MN NV

1. AK74 Flash hyder 2. Plastic handguard set 3. Plastic folding stock with a hollowed commpartment in the buttstock 4. Easy to disassembly the upper & lower handguard, like the structure of real gun 5. AK74 450Rds black plastic magazine .


Bio We are LCTairsoft, is situated in Taiwan. We are a manufacturer for producing the putty blower of the survival game.

Our Air Soft Guns cover many different items, but the under mentioned are some of our chief exports:

l AK Series ( AEG, KIT, PARTS )

l Pistol Accessories of MARUI M1911

l WA ( M4, GBB )

l M2, M60, M122 Tripod ( For A&K, VFC, INOKATSU )

All the products in our company are 1:1 scale Air Soft Guns. The surface and materials are colored in high temperature and made of full metal, not plastic.

Now we would invite you to visit our website at www.lctairsoft.com to know more what you need.

And you also could send the mail to us or chat with MSN or SKYPE account if you need the further information....
MSN: daphne-lctairsoft@hotmail.com.tw
SKYPE: daphne970519
Website: www.lctairsoft.com

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