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"FTH Revolution" is a reworking of the old rules, born of exeperience on the field in collaboration with various italian airsoft teams.
FTH Revolution will be further tested and approved but probably IT will be the definitive version of this new way of playing airsoft.

Everyone can download the rules; soon it will be possible to start a download in PDF file, which can not be modified or interpreted, to avoid losing the balance painfully achieved through years of trials and tests on our skin!


The proper application and execution of game set in FTHR require special equipment, both individual and of team.

- ASG replication aesthetically faithful to the originals.

- Monofilar or bifilar magazine for ASG replica assault rifles (mid-cap or low-cap magazines), with no mechanisms for automatic or manual loading. There is no limit on number of cargo individually transportable.

- Automatic magazine only for Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). There is no limit on number of cargo individually transportable.

- Individual medical kits (First Aid kit, FAK) consisting of a non-adhesive elastic bandage, a gauze of one centimetre minimum thickness, a patch tape to fix the dressing (optional but recommended), 1 thermal blanket (optional but recommended) . Each player must have in Hhis equipment at most one medical kit (first aid kit).

- Medical Kit consists of a band or a personal identification badge even low visibility, plus dressing kits (medikit) for physicians only, made up 5 gauze pads, 5 non-adhesive bandages, a patch tape (optional), 5 Shockproof blankets (optional).

- Development kit PMA (Advanced Medical Point) includes the material necessary to prepare and report the collection point of affected players. essential a sign or flag, even low visibility, a strip perimeter even low visibility. Allowed scenic materials such as tents, gazebos etc.

- Development kit munitions depot, low visibility signpost, containers suitable for shippers and shot bags.

- Kit prisoner (POW), plastic ties used to immobilize the wrists of prisoners (flexcuff).

- Signs represented in the diagram below



Players on the field will able to configure their equipment according to their desired role.


- 1 or more ASG replica assault rifle with electric propulsion, gas or spring, max power 1 joule.

- 1 or more ASG replica gun with electric propulsion, gas or spring, max power 1 joule.

- magazines monofilar or bifilar in unlimited number.

- One first aid kit


- 1 ASG replication SAW electric propulsion, gas,

- 1 or more ASG replica gun with electric propulsion, gas or spring, max power 1 joule.

- Monofilar magazines, two-wire or automatic with high capacity specific for SAW.

- One first aid kit.


- 1 ASG replica sniper rifle-propelled spring, max power 1 joule.

- 1 or more ASG replica gun with electric propulsion, gas or spring, max power 1 joule.

- Magazines monofilar or bifilar.

- One first aid kit.


There are 4 modes of presence:





it is not limited.

- Eliminated players: passive, or hit by a bb and waiting for a medication.
He has neither operational capacities or the power to eliminate opponents, he has no chance of moving (he stands at the point where the elimination occurred, lying on the ground simulating in the most realistic way he can, a soldier wounded in action, keeping his ASG in safe). He can call for help (even via radio providing only his generality and the point where he is). He can move a few meters from the point he was struck to avoid being pelted to the bitter end by the engagement fire of the other players.
Note: The eliminated player is one who is hit by a BB (both by a friendly players and by an adversary) on every parts of the body or equipment (INCLUDING ASG) in EVERY game situation.

- MEDICATED PLAYER: active, he is one who after being hit receives a bandage.
he has limited capacity for movement caused by the medication that will continue until the end of the game. The ability to eliminate opponents will be only after the application of medications. He will be able to make bandages only if medicated exclusively to the knee (if medicated to the hand this option is not available).

- P.O.W. : Acronym translated "prisoner of war." He is the player who, for whatever reason, is taken into custody by an opposing player.
The only way to take an opposing player prisoner is the replacement of 2 bands concatenate (one for each wrist) placed behind the trunk. Other means of restraint are not admited.


The WOUNDED players are medicated according to a sequence set in advance and the medication will be debilitating in proportion to the number of times the player has been hit.
Summing up in sequence:
1) The player hit for the first time will be medicated on the knee. Received the medication, he will be immediately in operation with the handicap of the medication that will prevent him from running. He will able to medicate the wounded comrades.

2) struck for the second time, the medication will be carried out at the hand (and not just at the wrist); the medicated hand should resemble a medicated stump, so that it will be so difficult to grip the weapon and perform operations like changing mag etc.. The player hit for the second time will not medicate the hit camrades and they will have to god to remove dressings, with the forced stop of 20 minutes.
3) If you get hit fot the third time (on the way to the PMA), the part will you have medicate will be the eye.
4) In the unfortunate event the player is hit for the fourth consecutive time, he will not receive further dressings but he will be bodily transported to the PMA.

5) Once in PMA and recorded by the doctor on the input and output sheet, the player will stop 20 minutes, during which he will have to stay within the designated area, still and not operational. he can enjoy food and restore his equipment.
The defence of the PMA will be assigned to players who have suffered at most two medications, provided that they are in the perimeter of the PMA.

Hit players can be medicated by anyone, even by opponent elements (in this case, they will be declared prisoners or POW Prisoner Of War). It must be underlined that it's possible to mobilize even a non medicated player, providing that he is transported bodily (also with a stretcher or with a cloth for the infirm) or otherwise supported on the shoulder.

A clarification is required: the bodily transport of an affected player is always possible, both enemy and friend, and may be used if there is no available medical kits or if you don't want to use them (see the capture of an enemy).
Transporting an hit player bodily means transporting him on your shoulders alone, supporting him with your body, or with the aid of a second rescuer.


POW Rules

The prisoner is not a passive figure but he remains an active element and should behave and be treated in this way.

To take someone prisoner, you must eliminate an opponent, reach him, treat him and pull him to appropriate game areas. Admitted also bodily transportation. The prisoner must always be restrained at the wrists with deans similar to the electrician bands (flexcuff).

Once captured, it's warder's faculty to turn off radio, to seize medikits and to remove the mag from the ASG. If this is not required, the prisoner may use such means as he desires.
Once the warden gave orders to remove the cartridges and turn off the radio, these resources will be unusable until the prisoner release.
The bands can be removed after the POW has been segregated in detention facilities, if the wardens judje it appropriate.
The prisoner can be imprisoned in suitable site, safe FOR the state prison and only in this case he can be deprived of the restraining straps and of the equipment staff.
The latter will have to remain in areas closed to the place of imprisonment, because in case of delivery, the player must seize again all the equipment staff, FAK excluded.
When the prisoner is captured, he can be deprived of the material concerning the game (maps, money, FAK, etc) after body search. The prisoner is not bound to give voluntarily in the material, so the things wich are not requisited , can remain in possession of the prisoner.

NOTE: If not clamp and outside the structures of imprisonment, the prisoner, even if medicated, can behave as such and can escape remembering the limitations of medications.


PRELUDE: The prisoner at the prison can not stop in PMA, so the medications can not be removed; they can be removed once freed and returned to his regular stop at the PMA.

The prisoner may escape or be released.

HE will be released when their colleagues conquer the prison camp or by warders, of their free will.

The prisoner can escape if the act does not involve the tampering of the detention facilities and of the garrisons of restraint
The escape is permitted in the following cases:
- The prisoner is not adequately monitored and tried to escape
- The prisoner appropriate of asg of someone else (not og his weapons nor of those of the other prisoners) and opens fire on warders. Among the ASG of someone else, there are those left unattended by the warders (not subtracted with the force) or switched from outside (intruders, spy, etc. ...).

It is a detention facility every building, even mobile, used and reported as prison. a cloth or a tape can not be regarded as detention facilities, but only areas of restraint to be monitored, so without physical constraints to observe.

The freed or escaped prisoner, once outside the prison, returns an active player with full effect.

The prisoner can not remove the eye caps in any circumstances, as being an active player, he can be subject to fire at any time.

WARNING: The prisoner player CAN'T NEVER FREE HIM BY HIMSELF and HE CAN'T NEVER remove TIES (flexcuff) of other prisoners, even if equipped with appropriate instruments such as Switzerland knives or similar. Freedom from the ties will be admitted if they are removed by a player of one's team/faction.


With F.T.H. REVOLUTION it is possible to set up a PMA (Advanced Medical Station) in wich the medicated players can be sent : with a permanence of 20 minutes in PMA, the medicated player returns in operation, with the removal of the medications.
The PMA simulates a field hospital, they need at least a tent or a suitable place, they must include the figure of a physician (an operational or medicated player) with patch identification.
The elimination of the physician involves the unoperativeness of the PMA until the same is not medicated.
The PMA must be marked with an identification sign, even in low visibility, and the doctor must wears a patch that distinguishes him in order that he can be quickly identified.
Obviously, the PMA can be defended and conquered, set up, dismantled and moved to an area suitable for the needed operations.
The LOCATION can be changed at any time of the game, with the approval of the headquarters, to which to the new location must be comunicated with precise map references. The move must include all the materials originally stored, including scenic materials.

The PMA must be prepared in every situations (except for the long range patrol team) and every player must have access to it at any time during the game. The location must exist of itself and not overlap other game objectives, with a minimum distance of 100 meters from them.

The doctor who manages the PMA is the one who manages the same
- HE check the influx of the wounded recording times
- He verify the correct execution of medications.

There is a maximum number of FAK in dotation of PMA.
Doctors in PMA must be operational and not so affected so that the PMA are themselves operating if the doctor is responsible for the operation of the decade hit and PMA functions. The players lose the ability to break back in game operations.
If the opposing faction wins the LDCs, it can use in his favor, using the doctor present (to be held prisoner hands-free). The FAK prsente PMA requirements and can be used in their favor from the side that will win (welcome to return at the end of game).


The ammunition depot is the place chosen at the beginning of the game where we will store packs and bags of pellets in suitable containers (including scenic).
Each faction will have to arrange one, marked by identification sign (even at low visibility) A4.
The lease can be changed at any time of the game, with the approval of the headquarters which must be informed of the new location with precise map references. The move must include all the material originally stored, including scenic materials.
At the ammunition depot it could reach and stock up of BB all the players of the faction that set it up, its use is precluded for players of the opposing faction.
The ammunition depot may be a gain target and, when the game setting provides it, destroyed by spectacular pyrotechnic charge. A validation of the destruction of the deposit, after shining the charge, a strip of black tape must be positioned diagonally on the warning sign.

For tactical requirements, the access to the munitions depot is expected also to one player who has taken charge of supplying all the shippers of his team.

It can be taken full load and left the empty ones, or both, after having charged the exhausted ones.

The replenishment of ammunition or mag reloading is allowed at the one's ammunition depot, so players can not bring himself bb in bags or containers, but they must deposit them at the designated area. It is not expected the confiscation of the opponents' BB in case of capture of the opposing deposit.

It is never allowed to take pellets bags to supply elements outside the ammunition depot, so the exhausted shippers can be recharged only within the perimeter of the ammunition depot.

The ammunition depots shall be prepared in every situation and all the players must have access to them at any time during the game. The location must be in its own right and not overlap the other objectives of the game, with a minimum distance of 100 meters from them.


The medical material has been classified in:

- Medical Kit or Individual First Aid Kit: 1 (a) supplied to each player, it contains material for a medication.
The First Aid Kits can only be used on the other players (the eliminated player can not medicate oneself but he can give his one to a partner or doctor if they are lacking in it.
The medical equipment is war booty, then you can subtract it from the opponents, imprisoned or eliminated.

- Medical kit plus or Medikit: issued by the doctor, it contains 5 first aid kit.
The doctor has discretion to distribute his material to his teammates. This one too can be requisitioned by the opponents.

The equipment First Aid Kit for riflemen is composed of:

- 1 anti-shock blanket (optional)
- 1 roll tape (silk recommended)
- 1 package of non-sterile gauze
- 1 non-adhesive elastic bandage

The material contained in first-aid kit should be used entirely, so it is valid for a single medication. THE MEDICATIONS WILL ALWAYS BE MADE APPLYNG A GAUZE AND A BANDAGE.
The anti-shock blanket can be used when we stop in PMA to protect oneself from the cold or to increase the scenic effect.
We remind that if you decide to stop in PMA, you must observe a 20-minute break during which you are not operative, at the end of the indicated time you can remove all the medications and return to full operation. Removed medications can be reused.

The equipment exclusive of the physician, included in the medikit purse, contains the following material:

- 5 anti-shock blankets (optional)
- 5 gauze pads
- 5 bandages
- 2 patches roll
- Patch identification doctor (even in low visibility)


- ASG (automatic soft gun), power less than 1 joule, with any propulsion (electric, gas or spring).
Allowed all the types of replication existing on the market: supplying only with original chargers without remedies that increase the capacity. The batteries must be contained within the reply or accessories that simulate real accessories (see shippers, anpeq lasers, grenade launchers etc..)



MONOFILAR LOW-CAP MAG (unlimited number).

MAJOR FOR S.A.W. Squad Automatic Weapon (unlimited number).

The number of Saw on the field cannot exceed 1 to 5 compared to assault rifles (1 Saw every 4 assault rifles).

No restrictions on number of batteries, free use of any technological device existing on the market (gps handheld radio optical viewers etc).

- RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: none; in addition, it is not necessary to expose your profile to make the shot.
Each player ought to avoid behaviours that hazard the safety of himself and of the others, avoiding direct close pull without having pointed his ASG.

- PYROTECHNICS DEVICES: allowed providing that they do not produce flames and that they are not build by oneself. Considered the variety of the playing fields, their use will be decided by the leaders of the field.

- CLOTHING: unless other needs of the game, it is allowed only military-style clothing, original or replication, and possibly with approaches that imitate original set-up, to increase the realism of the game.
Of course there are no constraints to follow, it is the individual and the clubs that are expected to present themselves on the playing field with the appropriate clothing and accessories.

- PROTECTION: To ensure the maximum realism and enjoyment for all the participants, as well as the common security measures, compulsory the use of ocular protection on the playing field.

- MOTOR VEHICLES terrestrial: allowed if the playing field and the host team make it possible; the owners of these vehicles will have to assume the responsibility deriving from the use of the same ones on the game field. The use of motor vehicles does not imply rules of engagement (in presence of artificial smoke, the vehicles must stop running and will be considered out of order); The occupants will be considered eliminated only if hit by bb.

- THE GAME CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED except for reasons of actual emergency or danger (the presence of strangers on the ground, etc.). These latter must be promptly reported to all the participants, so it is recommended to provide oneself of a whistle, usable only for this purpose.
- The player who wants to leave the field for whatever reason, may do so without interrupting the general action.
Since the presence of arbitrators is not contemplate, all the disputes will be solved only at the end of the game by the leaders of the teams.

The game set in F.T.H. Revolution requires a religious respect of the regulation, yet offers complete freedom of movement on the game field, excluding engagement rules, time slots compulsory courses, interdicted areas within the playing area, etc.

Those who enter the field of play must know and approve the rules FTH REVOLUTION.

FTH REVOLUTION and logos are free to distribute and use
provided always bring the author and
not make changes to the regulation without permission.
Regulation of ideation FTH revolution is Dennis J. Murgia.
In fact he goes every reference to the disclosure or use.

F.T.H. REVOLUTION by Dennis John Murgia is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Non opere derivate 2.5 Italia License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at


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