New Arrival G&P Bomber KAC Dynamics Gas Blow Back Rifle

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The New Gas Blow Back has a new Bomber SR16 E3 Metal Body (Aluminum 6063) with Stoner Rifle and Knight's Marking.

Length: 620mm / 700mm
Weight: 2700g
Material: Metal & ABS & PA
Capacity: 39rd(6mm BB)
Power: 320fps
Feature: It is WA gas blowback system. When the magazine fire to empty, it will lock bolt. All parts are harder than original WA M4 series.
System: Gas Bow Back
-Bomber SR16 E3 Metal Body (Aluminum 6063)(CNC Process)
-WA URX Front Set
-WA M4A1 7" Aluminum Outer Barrel (Silver) (WP155S)
-URX Flashider (Clockwise) (FLH004C)
-Flash QD Flip Up Sight (GP228)
-Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight (GP254)
-Steel Barrel Lock
-Magpul Gas Blowback Magazine (Sand) (WP159S)
-Magpul PTS MOE Grip (Dark Earth)
-WA 6 Position Stock Pipe (WP59)
-Magpul PTS MOE Stock (Dark Earth)
-Magpul AFG (Dark Earth)
-Aluminum Stock Pipe (CNC Process)
-WA Hammer Set (WP11)
-WA CNC Knight's Type Trigger Guard
-WA Steel Stock Ring (WP26)
-WA M4 Steel Sear (WP33)
-WA M4 Bearing Hammer Pin Set (WP34)
-WA KAC Ambi Bolt Stop
-WA M4 Type Cocking Handle (CNC Process)
-WA M4 Hammer Lock (WP57)
-WA KAC Ambi Magazine Catch
-WA Ambi Selector
-WA Steel Forward Assist (WP76)
-WA M4 Aluminum Buffer (WP81A)


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