Airsoft Medicine Covers Bang Kill, Safety Kill Rule.

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Airsoft Bang Kill, Mercy Kill, and Surrender Rules are discussed by Dr. Airsoft on this Airsoft Medicine video. Examples from actual airsoft games are used to demonstrate good and bad executions of this rule. Bang Kill rules should be clear, and players should be sure they fully understand how their field uses the Bang Kill rule. See and subscribe to the YouTube channel: airsoftmedicine for future videos.


Corni Hi there

I want to say, I am really not a fan of bang-bang-rules at all.
A backup pistol with e.g. 300fps (0.2g) doesn't hurt that much even if you shoot form close distants. After all if you are that sure to hit someone, you can place a BB on ones vest, that doesn't hurt at all.

Besides banging is for pussies

7 years ago

Loco Having seen what happens when bang rules are ignored I am in full favor of them except for the few hardcore mil-sim events when everyone is fully-armored. MGP's resident medic actually had to visit the ER to have 5-6 BBs dug from his throat and face as they had seated themselves a few inches below the surface. This game isn't about pain, it's about developing tactics, forming camaraderie, and having fun.

7 years ago

Corni Hey Loco may I ask how high the muzzle energy fo those guns were? In Switzerland we have rather strict limitations, where you can shoot full auto only up to 1.23J (350fps with 0.2g bullets) and semi auto up to 1.9J (450fps ->0.2g). Are there similar rules in your region? because I've never heard of BBs traveling acutally "a few inches" under the skin. Nevertheless my point would be, that one should wear a fullface mask or other proper protection, if one doesn't like to get hit in the face.

7 years ago

Loco Admittedly...slightly exaggerated on the depth. However, he will back up the fact they were solidly embedded beneath the skin. They reached that location due to some "I'm too good for the rules" player who ended up firing a burst of .28s from 6 feet away into his face/throat.

7 years ago

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