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Support A2 for the 2nd Airsoft Players' Choice Award

Keywords: Airsoft, Players, Choice, Award

Airsoft Squared is nominated for the Best English Language Airsoft News Website Award (Point 6). Please support us by giving your vote here : www.popularairsoft.com/get-vote-out-its-2nd-airsoft-players-choice-awards-finals

The list of the top nominees per category for the 2nd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards is now out. The voting period to select the winners has now started and will end on the 31st of January 2012. Please see the list below to find out if you or your favourite garnered the most number of nominations to make it to the finals:

1. Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

- Airsoft Extreme (www.airsoftextreme.com)
- Evike.com (www.evike.com)
- Airsoft Barracks (www.airsoft-barracks.com)
- Airsoft GI (www.airsoftgi.com)
- Kastway Airsoft (www.kastwayairsoft.com)

2. Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe

- Landwarrior Airsoft (www.landwarriorairsoft.com)
- Firesupport (www.fire-support.co.uk)
- Gunfire Poland (www.gunfire.pl)
- Begadi (www.begadi.com)
- Specshop (www.specshop.pl)

3. Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

- EB Airsoft (www.ebairsoft.com)
- eHobby Asia (www.ehobbyasia.com)
- RedWolf Airsoft (www.redwolfairsoft.com)
- WGC Shop (www.wgcshop.com)
- RSOV (www.rsov.com)

4. Best English Language Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

- Airsoft Action Magazine (www.airsoftactionmagazine.com)
- Airsoft International (www.ai-mag.com)
- Take AIM Magazine (www.takeaimmagazine.com)
- Tactical Milsim Magazine (www.tacticalmilsim.com)
- Recon Rag (www.recon-rag.com)

5. Best Non-English Language Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

- 0.20 Magazine (www.020mag.com)
- Airsoft Magazin (www.portal.airsoft-magazin.de)
- WMASG.pl (www.wmasg.pl)
- Airsoft Kombat 47 (www.airsoftkombat47.com)
- Bolt Catch Magazine (www.boltcatch.com)

6. Best English Language Airsoft News Website

- Arnies Airsoft (www.arniesairsoft.co.uk)
- Airsoft News EU (www.airsoftnews.eu)
- [NL] Airsoft (www.nlairsoft.com)
- Airsoft Squared (www.airsoft-squared.com)
- Airsoft 2Day (www.airsoft2day.com)

7. Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website

- WMASG.pl (www.wmasg.pl)
- Hyperdouraku (www.hyperdouraku.com)
- Airsoft Community Italy (www.airsoftcommunity.it)
- Airsoft BB (www.airsoft-bb.com)
- ASG Combat (www.asg-combat.pl)

8. Best Airsoft Blog

- Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey (www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.com)
- Pyramyd Airsoft Blog (airsoft-guns-blog.pyramydair.com)
- CrazyNCMan (www.crazyncman.com)
- No Airsoft For Old Men (noairsoftforoldmen.blogspot.com)
- Gunfire Blog (blog.gunfire.pl)

9. Best Online Airsoft Community/Forum

- WMASG.pl (www.wmasg.pl)
- Filipino Airsoft (www.filairsoft.com)
- Arnies Airsoft (www.arniesairsoft.co.uk)
- Airsoft Pacific (www.airsoftpacific.com)
- North Carolina Airsoft Organization (ncairsoft.org/forum)

10. Best Airsoft Video (Posted Online)

- Empty Quiver (www.youtube.com/watch)
- SCDTV Unfinished Patrol (www.youtube.com/watch)
- Helicopter Airsoft Door Gunner - M249 SAW (www.youtube.com/watch)
- G&G Your Greatest Glory 2011 Video Contest The real thing (www.youtube.com/watch)
- EvikeTV- Mo' Molle, Mo' Problems (www.youtube.com/watch)

11. Best Airsoft Event (with over 500 players)

- Oklahoma Invasion (invasion.milsimevent.com)
- Berget Events (www.berget-events.com)
- Groundzero Weekender (www.nationalairsoftevent.com)
- Fulda Gap (www.fuldagapairsoft.com)
- Border War (www.borderwar.cz)

12. Best Airsoft Product Review

- SCDTV REVIEW DIVISION - Black Bear Airsoft Mesh Masks (www.youtube.com/watch)
- Airsoft Community Italy DBoys - KAC PDW Full Test (www.airsoftcommunity.it/it/recensioni/asg/59-dboys/675-dboys-kac-pdw)
- Airsoft Outlet Northwest Pantac BPP-MS Backpack Review (www.airsoftoutletnw.com/index.php)
- Hyperdouraku TM Steyr HC Review (hyperdouraku.com/airgun/steyrhc/index.html)
- Airsoft GI - Cheytac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle (lic. by SOCOM Gear) Review (www.youtube.com/watch)

13. Best Airsoft Podcast or Videocast

- SCDTV Review Division (www.youtube.com/user/straszydlocd)
- Airsoft Medicine (www.airsoftmedicine.com)
- Airsoftology (www.airsoftology.com)
- Mako TV (www.youtube.com/user/TheMAKOTeam)
- Airsoft Austria TV (www.aatv.at)

14. Best Tactical Gear Maker

- Condor Outdoor (www.condoroutdoor.com)
- Pantac (www.pantacusa.com)
- Blackhawk! (www.blackhawk.com)
- Flyye Industries (www.flyyeindustries.com)
- Eagle Industries (www.eagleindustries.com)

15. Best Airsoft Pistol (regardless of power source)

- Tokyo Marui FN FiveseveN
- Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1
- Tokyo Marui PX4 Storm

16. Best Airsoft Gas Rifle

- WE G39C
- WE M14

17. Best Airsoft Electric Airsoft Gun

- Magpul PTS ACR Masada
- ICS L85A2
- Real Sword SVD
- Tokyo Marui SCAR-L New Gen EBB

18. Best Airsoft Gun Manufacturer

- G&P (www.gp-web.com)
- KWA (www.kwa-usa.com)
- Real Sword (www.realsword.com.hk)
- Tokyo Marui (www.tokyo-marui.co.jp)
- Vega Force Company (www.gb-tech.com.tw)

19. Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker

- MadBull Airsoft (www.madbull.com)
- RA-Tech (en.ratech.com.tw)
- Systema Engineering (www.systema-engineering.com)
- SHS Airsoft
- PDI-Japan (www.pdijapan.co.jp/airsoft/e.main.html)

20. Special Airsoft Players' Award

- Jeffrey "Meals On Wheels" Paskiet of Florida, USA (Being on a wheelchair doesn't stop him from playing airsoft)
- Larry Ronquillo of the Philippines (For being creative in his loadout, an airsoft photographer's dream subject)
- Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine (For his contributions to promoting airsoft safety)
- Claymore (For organizing Milsim Events - Oklahoma Invasion)
- Mike Von Bulow of Prague, CZ (for organizing the best milsim event in Europe)


yosser Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey also got a nomination in the BLOG catagory - your vote would be very much appreciated - thanks guys

3 years ago

rudy I voted for you!

3 years ago

yosser thanks Rudy - that means a lot - cheers have a drink on me!

3 years ago

DrAirsoft Please consider voting for Airsoft Medicine for Best Airsoft Podcast or Videocast, and Dr. Arisoft for the Special Airsoft Player Award.

3 years ago

yosser i have done Dr! and good luck

3 years ago

DrAirsoft Thanks Yosser. Good Luck to you also.

3 years ago

rudy By the way, i voted for you too Doc. I like the fact that there is a network of "influent" airsofters that are becoming "famous". It means that the sport is becoming mainstream.

3 years ago

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