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January Airsoft Medicine Podcast Posted


This month we speak with a USMC Sargeant who was injured by an IED about airsoft, protection, and barrel plugs. Don't forget to subscribe to the new airsoftmedicine YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/airsoftmedicine) to be sure to catch all of their same-day coverage of new products at Shot Show 2012 next week.


Bio Dr. Mark Vaughan was first called Dr. Airsoft on the Airsoftology podcast (episode 7) when he introduced listeners to the medical research done up to that time on airsoft injuries. He is a private practice primary care physician who is residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine. He hosts a monthly airsoft podcast program, Airsoft Medicine, with Rangeaster Larry. His love for airsoft combined with his experience with Emergency Medicine and broadcasting naturally result in his work educating airsoft players in medical and safety issues related to airsoft.

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