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Yes its true. KWA is releasing a sportline M4. It is the EXACT same m4 internally. The only difference is the lower reciever being polymer. The upper reciever is the same as the proline version. The sportline KWA is going to be priced at $189.95 USD. Stay tuned with EZairsoft on Youtube for the latest videos and reviews. www.Youtube.com/EZaisoft

"the upcoming KWA CQR series. The CQR models are basically KWA KM4 2GX but with a plastic lower receiver. By changing the lower receiver to plastic KWA is able to lower production time and cost, as their current models use a CNC metal lower receiver.

The release is expected to be in a March-April time frame and the retail price is currently set for $189.95. KWA will be offering two models in their CQR series; a standard length carbine and a CQB length model. Also, the muzzle velocity of each model will be about 330 FPS out of the box. Otherwise the KWA CQR series maintains the same motor, barrel, hop-up, gearbox, upper receiver, etc. as the KWA KM4 2GX series."


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