Flashbang Magazine premiers at Shot Show 2013

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I have to thank Thumpy of Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft for pointing this little gem out to me. Flashbang Magazine will probably be one of the best new resources for MilSim participants for a long time to come. I am hard-pressed to even call this a magazine, because most of it’s 160 pages are graced with some of the most beautiful and captivating photos I could only wish to capture myself.

160 Pages of nothing BUT photos, with the exception of a few paragraphs spread throughout to give you a small idea of the special forces units that are being featured in each issue. Advertising has been completely omitted and most of the proceeds for the magazine go directly back to the units that are featured in each issue. KWA will be distributing the magazine to the US Market.

3 Units from all around the world are featured in a photographic storyline, many whom have never had their stories told to the American public. Police special units are also featured, along with various other units from countless other countries. With the vast number of photos, this publication should become the ultimate go-to resource for anyone looking to create an accurate load-out of a unique foreign Military or Police Unit, as well as future US Forces who’s designations have yet to be announced.


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