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RAP4 is proud to announce the new and improved MKP-II Magazine Conversion Kit for Tippmann X7 Phenom markers! Now you can easily upgrade your Tippmann X7 Phenom to accept interchangeable spring-powered magazines...while retaining the reliability, accuracy, rate of fire, and electro/mechanical function that makes your Phenom awesome in the first place!

Installing the MKP-II Magazine Conversion Kit is the only way your X7 Phenom will be able to compete in mag-fed tactical games!

The beauty of the redesigned MKP-II is in its clamshell construction, which replaces the upper receiver on your Phenom. In minutes you can remove the bolt and other internal parts of your Phenom and transfer them into the MKP-II's magazine-fed body. By utilizing those internal parts and your Phenom's lower receiver, your marker retains its ability to function electronically or mechanically - everything you love about your Phenom - while gaining the tactical advantage of drawing your paint supply from interchangeable, spring-powered magazines!

Reload your MKP-II just like operators in combat theaters do - with interchangeable magazines. Run silently, as the paintballs are held under spring pressure to ensure they won't rattle...and pull that trigger confidently whether on the run or lined up for a one-shot elimination, with the absolute confidence that the spring-powered magazine will have a ball completely seated in the chamber every time you need one. That gives you the anti-chop reliability of a force-feed hopper without a hopper's noise, weight, or obstruction of your field of vision. Try an MKP-II, and you'll also notice the improved balance and handling...and how that balance, handling, and natural point of aim are exactly the same as a duty-issue M4 carbine.

With the MKP-II, your marker will have the most intense real-world style at the field. We redesigned the MKP-II to further lighten its already light weight, and enhance its fit, function, and aesthetics. The MKP-II looks like the receiver on a 416 combat-issue rifle, and offers the incredible functionality of a full-receiver-length Picatinny/RIS rail. Attach your choice of optics or other accessories right to the receiver to achieve the custom load-out you need to get the job done...

...while your marker looks the part of a duty-issue carbine. You also have the pride of knowing that each new MKP-II Magazine Conversion Kit is made in the USA!

Upgrade your Tippmann X7 Phenom with the MKP-II, and you'll be set to dominate the field in mag-fed paintball with the most realistic, exciting, and reliable marker in paintball.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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